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In case you want to review anything you learnt at this school before, please visit these other websites:
Básico 1
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Básico 1
· (new book) comenzó a construirse el día 01/07/2013 y sigue en construcción.
Básico 2
· comenzó a construirse el día 08/01/2012 y sigue en construcción.

Básico 2
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Intermedio 1
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Intermedio 1

Intermedio 2
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Si quieres conocer a personas online interesadas como tú en aprender y practicar otro idioma (en tu caso inglés) y hablar con ellos a través del ordenador puedes darte de alta en:
http://www.busuu.com/es (va por niveles de conocimiento de inglés)

Otra página que también es interesante para que puedas practicar inglés es:

Existen otras páginas que aunque cobren, se puede disfrutar de muchos recursos que ofrecen gratis:
https://es.verbling.com/ (se puede asistir a clases gratis sólo como oyente).
http://www.italki.com/ (la idea de esta web es parecida a busuu, sobre todo viene bien para practicar el escrito).
https://www.couchsurfing.org/ (la utiliza mucha gente para alojarse gratis en casas, quedar con gente, etc. pero que puede usarse para también practicar el idioma ya que puedes quedar con angloparlantes que vienen a visitar tu ciudad, les haces un poco de compañía unas horas, le enseñas la ciudad y así practicas tu inglés “gratis”.)



School calendar
Review the most important instructions you should know to do your exams.

Exam instructions
Check what the instructions are for this school year.

Cómo y en qué formato entregar los "writings" en clase a la profesora para que los corrija.
Plantilla para que Ss hagan el writing bas2-avan2.jpg



Unit 1

Unit 1A
working out meaning from context; computers
vowel sounds
Talking about names
· People talking about their names
· Brand names
Reading about names
Unit 1B
adjective suffixes (comparatives and superlatives); fashion
word stress
Colour analysis
Describing a room
Colour analysis
About colours
Practical English
A bad start (at the airport)

Reported Speech
Go to Unit 9A: reported speech

Unit 2

Unit 2A
present tenses
/s/ and /z/
· Ideas for a cheap holiday
· Talking about holidays
Airport security screeners
People on holidays
Unit 2B
shops and services
's, linking
Local shops
The British high street
About shops
Revise and Check 1&2
In the street

Unit 3

Unit 3A
past simple, past continuous, or used to?
stages of life
-ed endings; sentence rhythm
· Telling stories about your past
Radio news report
News stories
Unit 3B
word stress
Talking about photos
Childhood photos
Digital photos security
Practical English
All kinds of problems (cars)

Unit 4

Unit 4A
future forms: will / shall and going to
rubbish and recycling
/i/, /ai/, and /ei/
Talking about waste on earth
Mobiles and recycling
Unit 4B
first and second conditionals
study and work
word stress
Work and studying questionnaire
Best jobs
Revise and Check 3&4
In the street

Unit 5

Unit 5A
present perfect simple
/w/, /v/, and /b/
Persuading others to agree with you
Interview with some writers
All in one sitting
Unit 5B
present perfect continuous
the country
vowel sounds; sentence stress
Living in the country/city
Living in the country and in the city
From the city to the country (and goping back)
Practical English
Time to tell the police (CRIME)

Unit 6

Unit 6A
obligation, necessity, prohibition, advice
DIY and repairs; paraphrasing
consonant clusters
A furniture store
Unit 6B
can, could, and be able to
at a restaurant
word pairs with "and"
Talking about customer service
Reading about customer service
Revise and Check 5&6

Unit 7

Unit 7A
phrasal verbs
cash machines; phrasal verbs
Cash machines
Reading about people's luck
Unit 7B
verb patterns (infinitives)
live entertainment
/ɔː/, /3ː/ and /e/; words with two pronuncaitions
Talking about staying in or going out
Listening to a radio review
Reading about a famous game
Practical English
Is it a clue?

Unit 8

Unit 8A
have something done
looking after yourself
sentence stress
About yourself
Listening to an interview

Unit 8B
the passive; impersonal you
the letters ar
Local history
Describing buildings
A guided tour

Revise and Check 7&8
Revise and Check 7 and 8

Unit 9

Unit 9A
reported speech
word families
word stress
I have got a good memory
The Story Corps

Unit 9B
uses of the past perfect
sentence stress
Talking about a wedding
W. S. Maugham


Cambridge / Collins / Wordreference (to look for words, sentences or definitions in English).
Enjoy Videos!
Watch different videos to improve your listening skills.


October 31st
Guy Fawkes
November 5th
The Day of the Dead
(November 12th)
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
(November 25th)
Thanksgiving / Black Friday
(the 4th Thursday in November)
December 22nd - January 7th
New Year
(January 1st)
Groundhog Day
(February 2nd)
St. Valentine's Day
(February 14th)
International Women's Day
(March 8th)
St. Patrick's Day
(March 17th)
First Day of Spring
(March 21st)
World Book and Copyright Day
(April 23rd)

Use of English:

adjective vs. verb pronunciation
e.g. record (adjective) vs. record (verb)

as vs. like
There are grammar differences between them.
British and American English
differences in vocabulary and grammar
health and other vocabulary

words which are spelt the same, but with more than one meaning (or pronounciation)
Also known as rephrasing.
open vs. opened
adjective vs. verb
who - whose - whom - that - which - where
sport and other vocabulary
uses of the article
Verb tenses
Here you will find all possible tenses for all the different levels you can study at this school.
yes - no
other ways of saying yes and no

Connectors, linking words and time sequencers
however, although, ... / nevertheless, in contrast, ... / after that, then, ...


· Cloze Texts

Do these clozes to get ready for the exams.

· Multiple Choice Texts

Do these multiple choice activities to get ready for the exams (a, b or c).

· Multiple Matching Texts

Do these multiple matching activities to get ready for the exams (choose the right heading).

Hollidays (A2)
Read some interesting facts about different hollidays.
Hollidays (B2)
Read some interesting facts about different hollidays.
Jokes 1
Practise your reading skills and laugh.
Jokes B2
Read and laugh.
Thoughts 1
Practise your reading, and think about them.
Thoughts 2
Practise your reading, and think about them.
Reading Books
Look at an example of exam you may do for your reading book (Skyjack / A Morbid Taste for Bones /...).
Read and listen
Read and listen to these stories.
Reading Comprehension
Practise your reading skill working with different texts taken from Vaughan World.
Reading Comprehension (USA schools)
Practise your reading skill working with different texts taken from a real English source.


· Multiple Choice Listenings

Do these multiple choice listenings to get ready for the exams (a, b or c).

· Multiple Matching Listenings

Do these multiple matching listenings to get ready for the exams (choose the right heading).

· Sentence Completion Listenings

Do these sentence completion listenings to get ready for the exams (write the words you hear).

About London
Listen and watch some videos to learn more about London.
British History
Watch and listen to some videos about the History of Great Britain.
English TV and films
Click here: http://trabajoeninglaterra.org/video-ver-la-television-britanica-desde-espana-en-dos-pasos
Enjoy Videos!
Watch different videos to improve your listening skills.
EOI Ciudad Real
Listen to these audios for B2 (with comprehension activities).
La Mansión del Inglés
Listen to these audios on this web site.
Let's talk in English!
Watch and listen to some videos from the TV show Let's Talk in English!
Listening Practice
Listen to different stories while you read.
Listen to these videos
Listen to this story about some friends (it is from the Elementary level).
Watch and listen to some videos about London.
Miscelaneous Activities for the Listening Exam

Monica's blog
Listen to some recordings on Monica's web.
Muzzy's Videos
Enjoy Muzzy's videos.
On the phone
Listen to some dialogues about people talking on the phone.
School Library
Go to the school library and take these books home to practise your listening skill (free reading).
Listen to these songs and sing along.
Talk English
Listen to these audios and do the comprehension activities.
Vaughan Radio
Listen to a radio programme where you can learn and improve your English.
Vaughan TV
Listen and watch a TV programme where you can learn and improve your English.


Types of writings:
A Complaint Letter

An Essay
Parts of an Essay (look at these examples).
A Personal Statement
How to write a personal statement.
A Report
How to write a report.
A Review
How to write a review.

http://writingeoi.blogspot.com.es/p/types-of-texts.html (text types)
E-mail Writing
How to write it.
Formal Writing
How to write it.
Miscelaneous Activities for the Writing Exam

Writing Exam (B1) - June or September
In case you are still not sure on how to make the writing exam.

Other important information for writings:
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
What does it say about the Advanced level?
Connectors and Transitions
Take these connectors into account when you do your writings.


Se os recuerda que en intermedio 2 se os puede pedir que en el oral habléis de cualquier tema y utilicéis cualquiera del vocabulario visto a lo largo del presente curso y del anterior (intermedio 1).


Linking Words and Phrases
Linking words and phrases you may use when you speak.
Pronunciation in context
Work on your pronunciation with sentences or texts.
Work on your pronunciation with isolated sounds.
Slang and other colloquial expressions
Watch the videos.

Let's Debate!!!
The vocabulary you should try to use when you discuss with other people about a topic.

Giving a presentation
If you want to improve your skills at presentations, get on this site.
Miscelaneous Activities for the Speaking Exam

· Describing Pictures (B1)

In case you are still not sure on how to make the speaking exam for june or september.

· Doing a Role Play (B1)

In case you are still not sure on how to make the speaking exam for june or september.

Before the exam, try to at least review these topics (pictures or dialogues):
Unit 2A
· Holidays
· complaints to the travel agency's
· what you usually do and where you go
Unit 2B
· Shops and services / Money
· differences between a small shop and a shopping center (High Street)
· differences between different kinds of shops (e.g. gym / hairdresser's)
· propose possible improvements for shops and services
· advice someone who wants to open up a shop
Unit 4A
· Environment
· pollution and recycling
· how you can help the environment
Unit 4B
· Study and work
· types of job
· advantages and disadvantages of different jobs
· job interviews
· the education system
· types of school and students
· problems at school (as a teacher or students)
Practical English 5
· Crime
· talk about some crime news you have read or watched on TV
· connect what you say with your own experience
· tell the police a crime you have witnessed
Unit 5A
· Television
· discuss about two different kinds of programmes
· Can you learn from TV? (types of programmes)
· how long do you spend watching TV. Should you change your habits?
Unit 5B
· The Country
· differences between the city and the country
· advantages and disadvantages
Unit 6B
· Food / restaurants
· differences in service between an expensive elegant and a popular cheap restaurant (e.g. McDonald's)
· connect it with your own experience
· complaints to a restaurant
· a review
· eating habits in different cultures
· small fashion dishes versus large amounts of food in a dish
· suits versus sports clothes
· Would you always leave a tip?
· the service, the room and atmosphere (the decoration, the music ...), the food, the prices
· advantanges and disadvantages of eating out or at home
· relate food with health

Try to use some structures suitable to your level when you describe the pictures or do the role play:
Unit 1B
comparatives and superlatives
The more I see it, the more I like it.

restaurants - This meal is the tastiest I have ever tried.
Unit 3A
past continuous
environment - The crops were being planted while ...
crime - I was eating in the restaurant when the accident happened.
Unit 3A
used to
When I was ... I used to ...
holidays - In the days of my youth, my father used to say to me to be careful with my luggage and belongings when I arrived at the airport because it's better to be safe than sorry.
television - When I was a child I used to watch cartoons.
Unit 4A
future forms: will / shall and going to
food - I'm going to make pizza for dinner.
Unit 4B
If I were you, I would ...
If I had noticed it / realised before, I would have done something.
If I had followed your advice, everything would have been better.
holidays - If you hadn't gone to Italy, you wouldn't have lost your bag.
environment - If governments had done something before, the environment wouldn't have been damaged.
crime - If you see a crime, you must go to the police to say what you have seen.
the country - If you lived in the country you would be bored.
restaurants - If you were a famous chef you would earn a lot of money.
restaurants - If I were you I wouldn't eat this meal. It doesn't smell well.
health and beauty - If you had kept on with that bad habit, you wouldn't have been in good shape now.
Unit 5A
present perfect
Have you ever ... ?
This/These is/are the most ... I have ever seen.
I have never heard/seen anything like that.
As I have said before ...
shops - Have you ever bought in this shop?
shops - This t-shirt is the most expensive I've ever bought.
environment - Have you ever recycled the rubbish?
crime - This murder was the most terrible I have ever seen.
restaurants - Have you ever been in this restaurant before?
Unit 6B
modal verbs
restaurants - You should come here at least once a week in order to have lunch or dinner because it's very cheap.
Unit 7B
infinitives and gerunds
environment - Recycling is the most important activity that you could do.
health and beauty - Doing sport is the best thing you can do in order to improve your lifestyle.
Unit 8A
have something done
environment - I had solar panels intalled in my house.
health and beauty - I would like to go to the hairdresser's to have my hair cut and the pedicure done.
Unit 8B
It is known that ...
shops - This kind of payement is going to be banned by the government.
shops - It's known by the residents/customers as ...
environment - I was taught to recycle.
crime - The thief was arrested by the policeman.
crime - This famous actress was kidnapped by a terrible assasin.
television - My wife was interviewed by a TV programme this morning.
restaurant - In this restaurant, the meal is cooked by the most famous chef in the city.
Unit 9A
reported speech
It is said to be ... (an interesting place).
He told me to ...
I was told to / not to ...

holidays - She told me that this city was the most crowded she had ever seen.
shops - She said to me that the shop would be closed at 9pm.
crime - The police wanted to know where I was while the crime was happening.
crime - He said that she had seen the murder.
crime - The officer said that two inmates at least had escaped from the jail of Ceuta.
television - My mother always told me not to spend many hours watching TV.
Unit 9B
uses of the past perfect
shops - My mother asked me to go to the shop when I had just arrived at home after working very hard.
television - He said that he had been watching the TV programme all night.

connectors / linking words

· Firstly, secondly, thirdly, ...
· In addition
· Furthermore
· However
· Nevertheless
· On the contrary
· In contrast
· As a result
· Therefore
· Consequently
· Due to
· For instance
· As well as
· Although / even though

· You can't judge a book by its cover.
· Look it on the brigth side
· Better safe than sorry
· It costs an arm and a leg
· Face the music (afrontar la realidad)
· To go cold turkey (ponerse mala cara, pálido)
· Experience it the mother of knowledge
· A penny saved is a money earned
· You can kill two birds with one stone

Practise different pictures and dialogues and tick after you use each structure:

Practice structures - Intermedio 2.jpg

Other videos:
Kids Learning English
Watch some British or American students learning English in class.

María Ángeles A.

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