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Take this first dialogue as an example, and continue working through those hints with the rest of the dialogues.

You are not happy with your job. Tell your bestfriend about your present situation and ask for advice.
Your friend is not happy with his/her job. He/She will tell about his/her present situation. Give him/her some advice.

1. Start talking about what the role-play says.

2. Make sure you use connectors and linking words or phrases: although, in spite of, therefore, consequently, including, on the contrary, etc.
Review this in: http://avanzado2eoi.wikispaces.com/Connectors

Linking words - Writing wiki.jpg

3. Once you have talked about what the cards say, connect them with the topic you have learnt in class.
(Remember that the role-play is "an excuse" to make you talk about the topic, the specific vocabulary and what we have seen in class.) Make sure you include the most relevant vocabulary related with the topic.
- to get a promotion, to find something rewarding, to get a raise, to get promoted, to struggle to cope, ...
- other jobs and their peculiarities (for example, a paperboy)
- the importance of education

4. You may use examples from your personal experience to make it sounds more realistic.
I remember once when I ...

5. Try to use grammar structures appropriate to your level (for example, use some conditionals, passives, etc.).

· 2 Practical English

At the Airport:
At the Airport - dialogues.jpg
At the Airport - dialogues.jpg